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Advertising: A Rookie’s Take

March 20, 2012

– By Liz Dikinson | Jr. Digital Project Manager –

Advertising has always been an interest of mine; more like a deep curiosity. At one point, my intrigue made me consider switching my major and making it a career choice. Never did I think that I would be lead to an opportunity to work in an ad agency! As anyone looking from the outside in, I wondered if it would be anything like “Mad Men” (which I am a huge fan of).

Turns out it is that…and more. At first the industry seems terribly intimidating. There are so many deadlines, so many logistics, and so many pieces that go into creating the message that our clients’ brands wish to voice. After months of observation and endless learning, I continue to be amazed by the things this industry has the power to do both for their clients’ benefit and for pop culture as a whole.

Advertising is the perfect blend of stunning creativity, deep-rooted human connections, and crisp analytics. Beyond that, with a little global cultural revolution called social networking, it turns out that unlike Mad Med, it’s no longer about talking at consumers but rather about communicating what a brand is about through surprise and engagement. Where before we would simply put a message out there hoping that it resonates with our audience, now we can very well (and very quickly) measure how much it does resonate by how willing they are to share it.

In the past months I’ve been impressed by many things, but none have mesmerized me like the case study from Droga5 New York where they brought clients Bing and Jay-Z together in a fantastic worldwide collaboration. The video really does say it all…

It is exciting to me that the world is linked through social connections and that digital creations of this magnitude are possible. The creative/ social/ digital/ everything envelope is being pushed in a big way, and this campaign is proof. Our job is to continue challenging ourselves to create work that is far beyond what we think is possible. That way, not only our work, but our audience, will speak on behalf of our brands.

Things are getting very interesting, and I’m ready to be a part of it all!

Liz –

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  1. Silvia Leal-Dikinson permalink
    March 20, 2012 2:16 pm

    I like this article wrote and posted by Liz, because give us an interesting and clear idea about the importance of this industry have today and their social impact. Thank you Liz

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