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Social Media Week 2012 – Miami

February 27, 2012

– By Silvina Jover-Cirillo | Social Media Community Manager –

Social Media Week, with its tagline “Empowering Change Through Collaboration,” finally reached Miami this year. After spreading throughout the most important cities around the world the Miami version even included a dedicated “Latin Day,” once again proving the importance of the Latino community in the social media world. We’re pleased to have been part of this entire process!

From mami bloggers to economic-related panels, “Latin Day” at #SMWmiami was as diverse as its participants.

About Bloggers –

Although diverse types of bloggers participated throughout the day in different panels, all of them agreed on certain “etiquette” rules, plain and simple networking tips:

  • When brands and other interested parties approach bloggers, do not refer to them in generic terms through mass emails. Bloggers want people and brands to know both their name and their work. If you aren’t interested in them for their following and expertise, then why even approach them?
  • Bloggers definitely WANT to be approached by agencies in order to reach to brands. For this to be done successfully, read above!
  • There is a lack of visual content in Spanish, such as infographics, available to Latino/a bloggers. Agencies and brands should think about creating this type of content for bloggers to share across the different social media platforms.

About Social TV –

According to Nielsen, the relationship between online buzz and TV ratings can be described as follows:

  1. Four weeks prior to a show: a 9% increase in buzz volume corresponds to a 1% increase in ratings.
  2. Two weeks prior to a mid-season episode: a 14% increase in buzz volume corresponds to a 1% increase in ratings.
  3. Two weeks prior to a show’s finale: a 14% increase in buzz volume corresponds to a 1% increase in ratings.
As explained by the Telemundo social media staff, they surely know how to take advantage of this increasing phenomenon! During the novelas segment, Emmy Award-winning Venezuelan writer, Indira Páez, explained that:
  • Social TV turns the story of a show into part of the conversation and,
  • From a writers’ perspective, social media has changed the way writers put their ideas into paper, to the extent of serving as inspiration when ideas play hard-to-get in their heads.
It was particularly interesting that among all the social media experts participating in this segment, there was total agreement that the Latino community watches novelas in Spanish while they tweet about it in English. A true Fusionistas‘ example!

Throughout the day it was crystal clear that the extent of the influence of social media has not only reached to the entertainment industry, but has also affected local businesses and even non-profit organizations. The challenge: manage these free pseudo-focus groups in such a way that allows them to positively impact their marketing, networking and ultimately their revenues.

Beyond expectations but not a real surprise, “Latin Day” at this event did not only become a trending topic in Miami, but also the highest amount of mentions were registered on this date, ascending to 2,619!

Although it is always nice to witness the power of the Latino community within the social spectrum, the highlight of the day was the advise given by CNN anchor Ismael Cala: “Only tweet when sober.” Happy networking!

Silvina –


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