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The “A” Is Just the Beginning…

January 26, 2012

– By Luis Miguel Messianu | President & Chief Creative Officer –

When we re-launched the agency in the Fall of ’07 one of the key elements of the criteria in the search for a new name was to find something that started with the letter A. I figured this would help us in the age of search engine optimization.

When I came up with Alma, I loved the fact that the name stood for something unique and relevant for our craft (means Soul in Spanish). I got a real kick that it started and ended with an A, and if that wasn’t enough, that it had my initials in the middle. I thought it would be a winner! And a lot of peers complimented me on this great find.

A couple of years later our efforts paid off when we made it to the Ad Age A-List, an honor bestowed only to the very best. That was our first A! And now only two years later we get our second A!

You can say that the name was a premonition of sorts.

One thing is for sure, we did our homework to earn these two “A’s” and it’s a great feeling.

Back in ’09 when we were recognized the first time instead of resting in our laurels, we felt it was a wake up call and the honor would force us only to get better. Isaac Mizrahi and I talked repeatedly about our biggest fear: complacency.

Instead we both got restless. Together with our great Management team and amazing staff we put the metal to the pedal and pushed ourselves to keep getting better.

We brought great new talent to Alma, we established new processes, we bumped up our digital mindset and expertise, we moved to a state of the art space, and we focused on integration and collaboration, both internally and with our clients. Today I’m happy and very proud to say that we are a much better partner to our clients and their brands, and we are committed to keep bettering ourselves across the board.

We compete with our clients’ competitors. Not against other agencies. It’s a small but very big difference.

The “A” as in the alphabet is just the beginning!

Luis Miguel –

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