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Thanksgiving Thoughts…

November 23, 2011

– By Luis Miguel Messianu | President & Chief Creative Officer 

This is a time for gratitude. Especially if we take into consideration that even the celebration of Thanksgiving now has a thrift undertone. Can you believe that for the first time in years stores will open Thursday night?

In many homes across America people will be gathering around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving lunch instead of Thanksgiving dinner, just to allow the workforce to go back to work in the hopes of making some extra money!!! We can view this as the effects of the economy or the power of marketing trying to turn a problem into an opportunity.

I guess the lesson is we should feel very fortunate if we have a job, and have the amazing opportunity to wake up every morning and feel productive… feel empowered to contribute to our society.
I certainly feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by wonderfully talented and fun people that motivate and challenge me. It’s a huge responsibility and also a great joy to run a company, to have supportive clients that trust me and my team, and to enjoy the glorious gift of being able to put food on our tables.

I’m very grateful for all that and much more. What a better time to say Thanks for Giving me so much.

My deepest appreciation for all of you who I’m fortunate enough to have in my life.

Luis Miguel

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  1. Anita permalink
    November 23, 2011 4:05 pm

    Luis Miguel, thanks for your sincere words.
    Your words and actions inspire us to be better teamplayers day after day, but mostly to be better human beings. Have the best Thanksgiving ever surrounded by your loved ones!

  2. Viky permalink
    November 23, 2011 8:23 pm

    Luis Mi, couldn’t agree more! This Holiday season lets put people and experiences over things and possessions and let’s be grateful for all the blessings we all have 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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